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The Discovery Guide to Anxiety

The Discovery Guide to Anxiety

The ‘Discovery Guide to Anxiety’, originally written by Gemmell & Harvey in 2004, was updated by Gemmell in 2008. It is a 32 page A5 booklet which thoroughly explores anxiety by examining the associated physical symptoms, thoughts and behaviours. The booklet offers guidance and top tips on how to cope and make changes. It uses creative illustrations throughout, appealing to young people and adults alike.

If you would like to order your personal copy of The Discovery Guide to Anxiety or place a bulk order for your students or youth group, please contact us. We look forward to hearing from you.

The EFA team will shortly be announcing 1 day workshops utilising this booklet..
The aims of these workshops will be to:

  • Understand Anxiety in terms of a Mental Health Continuum with transient state on one end, moving to the more clinical diagnosable disorder at the other.
  • Understand the range of anxiety provoking situations young people may experience
  • Understand the effect of Anxiety (signs and symptoms) in terms of:
    Physical – the impact Anxiety can have on the human body – both in the short and long term
    Thoughts – The internalised scripts Anxiety can generate in the individual and how that affects their understanding of themselves and the world around them
    Behaviour – How the individual acts and we may observe in our own work settings
  • Participants will be given some information around what interventions CAMHS offer for young people experiencing severe Anxiety – and a brief overview of referral criteria.
  • Finally participants will be shown how to deliver Anxiety Management workshops, utilising the Discovery Guide to Anxiety as a template to enable self management, promote early intervention and raise awareness with their client group.

If you would like to find out more about these workshops please contact the EFA team on:

Tel: 0300 123 6661

Email: info@emotionalfirstaid.co.uk

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