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The 6 Primary efa Sessions/ Slices break down into:

  • What is Primary Emotional First Aid?
    Defining what your role as a Primary EFA’er will be.
    You’ve signed up for this course, now what does that mean?
  • Emotional Stuckness (presenting as a Disorder)
    Concentrating on emotions: Worry & Sadness
  • Attachment & Self Esteem in Childhood
    Understanding how attachment issues affect us all, and how we can build confidence & self esteem in the children we work with
  • Enabling Emotional Expression
    Helping children understand and express their emotions
  • Assessment of Risk
    What do we need to consider when undertaking risk assessments and understanding risks associated with children
  • Looking after ourselves
    Arguably the most important session, identifying the support we need to enable us to do the work we do

The Emotional First Aid course uses individually commissioned material throughout the learning process. This includes the “Discovery Guide to Anxiety,” a guide to dealing with the negative effects of anxiety and how to embark on making the necessary positive steps towards change.

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