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The Peer EFA course is designed to be delivered over 8x two hour sessions, but is split into two parts. The first four weeks focus on the Young People themselves, exploring their own emotional well-being, self esteem, and support networks.

Part 1:  All about Me & U (My Emotions & Understanding)

  • Session 1: Introducing the course & setting the scene
  • Session 2: How emotions affect us
  • Session 3: Self esteem & confidence building
  • Session 4: Stress Vs Support

The second part of the course focusses on the role of a Peer Mentor.  Developing students’ empathy, listening skills and understanding their role in identifying risk and knowing what to do to support other students

Part 2:  Becoming a Peer Mentor

  • Session 5: The role of a peer mentor
  • Session 6: Communication
  • Session 7: Risk, Worries & what to do…
  • Session 8: Celebration and review 


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