Emotional First Aid – the launch

In summer 2008 we saw the launch of the country’s first Emotional First Aid Kit, to ensure young people are helped before their mental state becomes overwhelming.

Since then we have seen the first set of professionals under go the course run by Stuart Gemmell (Strategic Lead for Primary Mental Health), Dave Smith (Strategic Lead for young people) and Jacqui Kelly (Community Therapist).

The course is aimed at understanding what young people look for in a person they can talk to. Many people from different organisations that deal with young people took part in the course including charities, Southampton City Council and Southampton Solent University.

The course could possibly be rolled out nationwide which is something the team responsible are understandably very proud of. Barbara Inkson, CAMHS and Specialist Community Services manager, presented certificates to the graduates who were all very pleased to have completed the course.

Anne Bingham who is a student support officer at Southampton Solent University said “I really did enjoy the course, it has changed the way I work on a daily basis. The richness and diversity of the course has also had an impact on the way I practice.” Penny Taylor from the Family Intervention Project, Southampton City Council said “The course really helped confirm my beliefs about our clients, which gave me confidence in myself. Anybody who works with young people should take part in the course.” Paul Jetton, from Fairbridge Solent, Personal Development Charity said “It emphasised everything we do already and made us more approachable. The role is as creative as you are.”

image from healthcity issue featuring EFA

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