New courses from Southampton Children’s Sleep Disorder Service

Our colleagues from Southampton Children’s Hospital are delivering more Sleep Training courses in 2016.

Please be aware these are not courses delivered by Solent NHS Trust/ Emotional First Aid team.  The details for applications for these courses are listed below.




In 2016, we will be introducing some new sleep training course options as well as offering two Update and Case Study Days.

Managing Children’s Sleep Disorders in Clinical Practice

This is our five day comprehensive sleep training course, although there is an option for Paediatricians and Psychiatrists to complete the first three days only. All other professionals including Health Visitors, School Nurses, Nursery Nurses, Night Nannies, Occupational Therapists, Physiotherapists, Learning Disability Nurses, CAMHS workers, as well as those working in special education and social services will need to book for the full five days.

The course is designed to enable participants to understand the role of sleep in healthy child development, as well as understand the nature of sleep problems in children including those with disabilities. Completion of the course should enable practitioners to assess and identify common sleep problems in children, and support families in implementing sleep management programmes.

For All practitioners working with children where sleep issues arise

Cost £845

Date April 20th, 21st, 22nd, 27th, 28th April 2016
2nd, 3rd, 4th, 10th, 11th November 2016

Venue Mercure Winchester Wessex Hotel, Winchester, SO23 9LQ

Please see attached for further details and application form

Essentials of Sleep Medicine for Paediatric Sleep Practice

This is an exciting new one day course covering the essential sleep disorders seen in everyday practice. The course aims to give General Paediatricians and Trainee Paediatricians a basic understanding and confidence to manage common sleep disorders and the ability to recognise rarer sleep disorders requiring specialist review.

For General Paediatricians and Trainee Paediatricians

Cost £125

Date June 29th 2016

Venue Southampton General Hospital

Please see attached for further details and application form

Update and Case Study Days

We are often asked by past course participants if we can provide some ongoing training and supervision and so we are introducing our Update and Case study day. There will two of these sessions a year and each will be different in its content. These days are designed to offer information on some of the latest research in the field of sleep, as well as some new presentations from members of our multidisciplinary team. In order to ensure that participants feel confident in their management of cases some time will also be spent looking at case studies. We will be asking participants who sign up for this course if they would like to submit a case study to be used on the day. As well as time to meet with other professionals currently working with families with sleep problems, there will also be time in which you will be able to discuss some of the tricky cases you may be working with, with members of the team.

For Anyone who has previously attended one of our sleep training courses

Cost £75

Date March 14th 2016
September 20th 2016

Venue Mercure Winchester Wessex Hotel, Winchester, SO23 9LQ

Please see attached for further details and application form

With many thanks,

Sara Bowgen
Patient Pathway Coordinator – Child Health
G Level, East Wing
University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust
Ext: 5922
Fax: 023 208 688

1 day Paediatricians course application form 3 & 5 day Managing Sleeep Disorders course application form 2926 SCH Sleep Service A5 4pp Dec 15 v1 Update and Case Study Day application form

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