Headstart Southampton – Parents’ EFA next course dates

Dear Parent/Guardian,

Emotional First Aid courses are being run across a number of school clusters in Southampton in 2015 and you may be interested in joining the next Parents EFA course.

Here is an overview of the Parents EFA course and its primary aims:

Everyone knows you’re a parent… but do you remember who you are!

When we become parents our priorities change, we take on the responsibility of another little person and we tend to get so focused on this we forget we are still a person in our own right.

Parents’ emotional first aid will help you re-discover you!
We sometimes feel that we must be the only person in the world feeling the way we feel. Parents’ emotional first aid will help you recognise that we all share similar thoughts, feelings, emotions and behaviours to varying degrees.
The course helps to create strategies for our anxieties; identify the stress factors in our everyday lives; gain a better understanding of ourselves and promote a healthier sense of our own wellbeing.

Aims of the course…
• Explore and rediscover your sense of self
• Identify early signs of emotional distress
• Recognise and understand your own emotional needs
• Understand and develop your own positive emotional health
• Explore the risks we pose to ourselves
• Develop and enhance your self esteem
• Gain strategies to manage your own emotional wellbeing
• Develop a support network with other parents
This next course is running in the daytime in the Conference Room which is in the Sports Building.

Course Times Dates Contact Contact details
Daytime course Wednesdays
9.30 a.m. to 12.30 pm Sept 9, 16, 23, 30, Oct 7,14, 21

Kate Gardiner

email: efapcantell@gmail.com

Please use the contact details to ask for a place, and let us have your contact details.

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