EFA visit the Isle of Man (The Emotional Well-being TT)

At the begining of June 2015 the EFA team were contacted by a number of staff working across Education and Youth services on the Isle of Man enquiring how they could access EFA training to enhance listening skills and services within secondary schools on the island.  After a string of very exciting phonecalls and emails, Sue Marriot, Special Educational Needs Advisor from the Department of Education and Children, coordinated an aproach which would offer an intensive Train the Trainers course in Young Persons Emotional First Aid to a potential of 12 delegates running from Monday 21st – Friday 26th June 2015.

The EFA Team were delighted to be invited over and welcomed by 11 staff representing all five Secondary Schools from the island, staff from Specialist Educational Provision, Further Education and the Youth Service.  IMAG0120_1The course participants spent a very engaging and intense 3 days experiencing the YP EFA course, discussing a variety of issues which affect young people on the island, sharing strategies to support and enable self management, and networking to establish greater support for each other, fellow colleagues and young people.

IMAG0119On Thursday & Friday the participants started to explore more about the delivery of Emotional First Aid and began to share ideas about how they can  form a strategic group to create a coordinated approach to cascading out the training to all staff working with young people across the island.

As part of this the EFA team observed some incredible microteaches, and are delighted to welcome 11 new YP EFA Trainers into the EFA community.


While visiting the island, the EFA Team were honoured to be invited to meet with Sue Marriot, Special Educational Needs Advisor, Sally Brookes, Director of Services for Children and Ken Callister, Principle Youth Officer, to discuss how Emotional First Aid training can be disemminated across the whole island to benefit all children and young people.

Upon returning home, we were also delighted to read the fantastic review of the training on the Isle of Man Government Website and in the Isle of Man/ Manx News

Isle of Man Government Website


Manx News Wesbite


We look forward to sharing more exciting news as the Isle of Man trainers begin to take this further forward.



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