EFA from a School Nurses’ Perspective

When I first heard about Emotion First Aid I thought it sounded like a good idea and I was interested to undertake the course. The course discussed many key issues that young people go through which helped me to understand things better. It also helped me to gain knowledge of how to deal with such situations and what not to do. As a school nurse I come across young people who are struggling with emotional issues and sometimes as a professional you feel a bit stuck as to know what to do. Before I was Emotionally First Aid trained I tended to sign post young people to other agencies who might be able to help, I have now learned that this is not always the best course of action and just spending some time with them, helping them to discuss worries can work wonders. Taking the course with other professionals (including Foster Carers) was great as we could all share our knowledge of how we help young people and the skills we already use. I learnt a huge amount from this sharing of information and have used it to create my own Emotional First Aid Kit. I now use this kit to do exercises to help young people talk about the problems they are having and to help them recover. I would recommend the course to anyone who works with young people as it has helped me to develop professionally and I feel more confident to support young people.
Nick Higgins. School Nurse. Southampton

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