Play-Kenya deliver their second EFA cohort!

I am so proud to announce we have now trained our 2nd cohort in Nakuru Kenya!
I am continually overwhelmed at the enthusiasm and commitment shown by our fellow EFA community in Kenya. They totally embrace the learning experience and to watch them unfold through the 6 sessions is humbling. There are so many areas of learning that this training takes them on that are so alien and unexpected to them – but they are open to know more – and challenging in their questioning.
On this cohort we had social workers, teachers, care staff and prison officers and they again brought so much excitement to the training. No 2 courses of EFA are ever the same and I can certainly confirm this in Kenya! I really love the way they join in with a totally new way of learning and enjoy all elements of their training. I wish we had some better video clips to use as they cannot understand the accents in our young people which loses a lot of the experiential part of the training.
After session 6 we met up with the first cohort for a large celebration! They have already planned to meet monthly and have committed to extending their learning by taking it in turns to talk about an area of the EFA course and to share their experiences with the larger EFA family. I have to admit to be a very proud parent!!!!
If it were possible to get a sponsorship for pizza boxes we could continue to spread the word and in time have trainers trained in Kenya – they are beyond amazing and are so proactive in spreading their new understanding and training.
Kenya EFAers ROCK!!!!
– Anne-Marie Tipper
Play Kenya Co-Founder

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