The EFA Christmas Message

Dear All,
We hope that you have all been good throughout the year and that Father Christmas brings you all the presents you wish for. As 2011 draws to a close we begin to reflect (an EFA trait) on the events that have shaped the year and begin to look forward to the opportunities 2012 may bring.

2011 has seen the creation of Parents’ EFA and further development sites including PGCE students at Southampton University; Tower Hamlets and Kenya!

The first EFA Trainers conference, which the EFA team particularly enjoyed, saw the coming together of EFA Trainers throughout the country and is something we hope to repeat in 2012.

On a rather sad note, we lost our highly efficient, effective and energetic administrator, Ally Krause, the loss of which we are still trying to come to terms with. (We are still trying to grapple with, on a practical level, the amount of work Ally did – we still don’t understand how to turn on the computer, let alone access data files, so please keep bearing with us).

Returning to good news, on the 12th December 2011, the EFA team were given permission by our host NHS Trust Board to explore the notion of becoming a Social Enterprise. We will keep you all updated on the progress of this exploration and hope to hold some stakeholder events in the New Year to share your thoughts and visions for the future of EFA.

In 2012, we hope to pilot and launch LD EFA and we are pleased to report we have been commissioned to deliver some bespoke training for CLIC Sargent to support the fantastic work they are doing helping young people with a diagnosis of cancer.

Thank you all for being part of the EFA Family, and hope you will all continue the journey with us and keep up the excellent work in your own areas. We want to acknowledge all those wonderful workers out there supporting Children, Young People and their families and know that it is you who make the real difference.

All the very best

Stuart & Paul

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