EFA Kenya Update 29.07.11

Blog from Anne-Marie:

Wow – I had NO idea just how emotional this session would be! This has been an awesome journey with so much positive learning going on. This group have embraced every aspect of this course and I have watched the change happen! Even when we talked about self harm in session 5 there was a feeling (a very strong feeling!) that these were ‘bad kids’ who were totally selfish and attention seeking – one participant from an orphanage who used to be a ward nurse said that they used to fix the wounds of those who had self harmed, but never thought to look at the emotional side. She said she has changed her view now. Another group member who works in a juvenile remand centre says he is much more aware and that he will be looking at the emotions of the children who cut and burn themselves rather than label them bad kids! Such enormous steps in such a short time!

The feed back was so positive. One person said that she had never considered the emotions before; others said that the exercise of being 15 will change how they view others. They all, without exception want more training! They have formed an Emotional First Aider group and will meet monthly. They will each take it in turns to chair the group and will discuss successes and difficulties – they are desperate that EFA is able to reach so many more people.

On a personal note EFA fits in perfectly with the work of Play Kenya. Our aim is to support and educate those who work directly with traumatised young people – and EFA does just that. One of the aims of Play Kenya is to open a centre for young girls who have been sexually abused (this hopefully will happen soon) and I would like every person to have completed the YP EFA training. It really fits so well with our mission.

I am honoured to have taken EFA global and hope to be able to continue with this in the future. Please don’t under estimate the impact this training has on the lives of the very vulnerable Young People in Kenya.

Thank you so much to all of you who have made this possible

Photos to follow

Take Care,

You can follow more work from Anne-Marie and Play Kenya atwww.playkenya.com

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