PGCE Students from Southampton University do EFA!

On Saturday 15th January 2011, Stuart Gemmell & Paul Jetten began facilitating a trial cohort of EFA for Young People to a group of students on the PGCE course at Southampton University.

The students were about to start their second group of placements in schools in the Southampton area and were teaching a wide variety of subjects including Science, IT, Languages & History.

The 8 students who volunteered for the course gave up their Saturday mornings to attend and paid for their own course materials.

Over the six week course the students shared their experience of placements within schools utilising the information delivered on the EFA course. All of the students felt the course was really beneficial; helping them to gain a better insight into the issues facing the young people in their classrooms and how this can have an impact on academic achievement, both in terms of the emotional distress it causes and the solutions the young people adopt to manage it. The students felt that by attending the course they were more aware to look behind these solutions and see what may be driving it.

Feedback from Students:

“I think it would be useful for all PGCE students to take part in this course.”

“Whole day sessions rather than half day”!

“Very friendly, Paul + Stuart are very knowledgeable and work well together to create insightful learning combining everyone’s knowledge, professional understanding and young people’s views. It has impacted in a very positive way. Thank you for your time, patience and kindness.”

“This course will help me to be a better teacher as I now have a better understanding of social issues children face.”

The students all felt that EFA should form part of the PGCE course and would be of huge benefit to all newly qualified teachers as well as current frontline teaching staff.

On the 27th April 2011, Stuart and Paul attended a PGCE Health Awareness day, hosted at Southampton University for all PGCE students going into Secondary Schools and received an overwhelmingly positive response from all students around EFA.

The EFA team are currently in talks with Southampton University around running a Primary EFA course for PGCE students going into Primary Schools which is scheduled to run in January 2012.

If you think that EFA could be delivered to PGCE students from your College/ University please get in touch.

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