More Southampton dates announced

The Emotional First Aid Team are really pleased to announce that our EFA Trainer Joe O’Reilly has arranged the following new course dates:

Primary EFA:

10.06.2011 – 15.07.2011 (ref: 70)

Friday Mornings

13.09.2011 – 18.11.2011 (ref: 66)

Tuesday Mornings

09.01.2012 – 13.02.2012 (ref: 68)

Monday Mornings

Young Persons EFA:

10.06.2011 – 15.07.2011 (ref: 71)

Friday Afternoons

13.09.2011 – 18.11.2011 (ref: 67)

Tuesday Afternoons

09.01.2012 – 13.02.2012 (ref: 69)

Monday Afternoons

You can apply now online!

Joe is looking to arrange more courses including twilight sessions, so if you cannot make the dates above contact us and we will make sure you are added to our mailing list.

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