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Paul Jetten joined the team July 2009

We are pleased to announce a new addition to our Emotional First Aid team!
On a 9 month secondment from the charity organisation Fairbridge Solent, Paul Jetten joined the team from July 2009 as our new Emotional First Aid Co-ordinator for CAMHS, Southampton Community Healthcare.

Paul will be a real asset to the Emotional First Aid team as he brings with him a wealth of experience working with young people. Prior to working at Fairbridge Solent, Paul was a volunteer mentor for young people leaving care for a project called “On the Level”.

Over the last three years, Paul has been a 1:1 Support Worker for Fairbridge Solent, which is a national organisation that supports young people from disadvantaged areas to work on skills such as confidence and motivation to help them turn their lives through personal development and setting meaningful goals.

A core belief that both Fairbridge Solent and Emotional First Aid share, is that a presenting behaviour is a solution a young person has employed to meet certain needs or as a solution to emotional distress. We need to look behind this presenting behaviour to see what is driving it, and then we can work more effectively to bring about positive change.

In his spare time, Paul is currently studying for a diploma in Gestalt Counselling and hopes to go on to train as a psychotherapist using Art.

After completing the Emotional First Aid course in September 2008, Paul went on to complete the Trainers course in April 2009 and was successfully accredited as an Emotional First Aid Trainer. Paul hopes to use the secondment to promote the message of Emotional First Aid within Southampton, and assist in rolling it out on a national level.

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