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The Government standard access keys are:
S – Skip navigation
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0 – Access key details

Emotional First Aid website-specific access keys:
4 – Emotional frist aid application form
a – Community
b – The efa team
c – Gallery
d – Products for sale
e – Chill zone
f – Privacy policy
g – Accessibility
h – Useful links

i – About primary efa
j – Aims of primary efa
k – Details of primary efa course
l – Costs of primary efa courses
m – Find a primary efa course
n – Peoples feedback on primary efa

o – about young people efa
p – Aims of young people efa
q – Details of young people efa courses
r – Costs of young people efa courses
u – Find a young people efa course
v – Peoples feedback on young people efa

w – About trainers efa
x – Aims of trainers efa
y – Costs of trainers efa
z – Benefits of trainers efa

Using access keys
The exact way to use access keys depends upon your web browser – so consult its documentation.
Firefox = use Alt+Shift + the access key
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On an Apple Macintosh you would use the Ctrl key instead of Alt

Customise the site to fit your needs
In order to make the Emotional First Aid website easier to read and navigate, you can change display settings such as:

  • Text size
  • Colour and contrast
  • Screen magnification
  • Style sheets

The BBC’s website “My Web My Way” offers help on adjusting these and other features in your specific operating system and browser. My Web My Way – accessibility features of browsers and operating systems

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