what is primary efa?…

Primary Emotional First Aid is the initial support given to a child experiencing emotional distress, creating a healthy emotional environment with the child before any specific professional help is sought and obtained.”

The Primary Emotional First Aid training course is directed at staff/ anyone working with Children between the ages of 5-11 years old eg. Teachers, Nannies, Social Workers, Learning Support Assistants, Mentors and YOU?

The course material comes in the form of a pizza box, and each of the 6 sessions represents a slice of Primary Emotional First Aid Pizza. These slices are to be digested over six weeks, in six 3.5 hour sessions. The break between sessions is for reflection which is a vital ingredient of the course and to your own development.

primary efa pizza box training pack

The reflection between each session enables the participants to go over what they’ve learnt in the session, try out some ideas in their work practice over the week, and bring thoughts, feelings, reflections and new ideas back to their next session. This reflective practice also gets us to think about our own emotional wellbeing to support us in continuing to do the work we do.

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